Sunday, March 14, 2010

'Avatar' Sweeps Starfleet Academy Awards

"Grippingly Realistic," Says Boothby

After leaving Earth's Oscar ceremony empty-handed, James Cameron's sc-fi epic "Avatar" won every category in the annual Starfleet Academy Awards this week.

"This film is a grippingly realistic depiction of the dangerous ramifications of violating the prime directive," said Academy groundskeeper, entertainment chairman and awards MC Boothby. "It should be required viewing for every cadet."

In a statement transmitted from his ready room on the Enterprise-J, Adm. Jean-Luc Picard said that when presented with the opportunity to vote for "Avatar" over "District 9" and some less lesser known sci-fi films, he had no trouble making it so.

"'District 9' was nothing but a thinly veiled message about social justice wrapped up in a weak science-fiction plot," the Star Trek character said. "Haven't we seen enough of that?"

Cameron won Starfleet's Zefram award for best director, while "Avatar" won best best picture and Sully and Nyetiri were named best actor and actress, respectively. The film also won for best music score and art direction, but fell short in the category for special effects, which Boothby called "primitive."