Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New York Legislators Pass Sexual History Disclosure Act Of 2008

New York politicians must disclose every detail of their sexual history and a list of their partners, along with dates and places and descriptions of their relationships under the landmark Sexual Disclosure Act of 2008.
"The people have a right to know who's doing who, where, how many times, is it legal, are they married, and was it good, before it gets to the papers," said Assemblyman Fred Garvin of Westchester, the sponsor of the bill.
The bill faced heavy opposition from Republicans, but in the end many of them decided to abstain from the vote. "I guess we'll all have to get used to abstaining," said one state senator.
Gov. David Paterson, who recently admitted that both he and his wife have had extramarital affairs, said he would sign the bill because it was good policy, adding that "I'm also really curious to compare notes with some of these people."
Democratic Senator Maddy Walker, above, said she would happily comply with the bill, because "in a way, when you elect someone, you're electing everyone they've ever slept with."


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