Monday, February 04, 2008

George Kennedy To Endorse Hillary

Actor’s nod to counter Obama’s Kennedys

Desperate to catch up to archrival Barack Obama in the number of Kennedys endorsing her presidential campaign, Sen. Hillary Clinton announced this week that she had lined up the endorsement of “Airport” actor George Kennedy.
Although he is not a member of the noted political family, the 82-year Kennedy, who also appeared in the classic film “Cool Hand Luke,” is a response to the claim by Obama’s campaign that more Kennedys are endorsing him after Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy and his nieces, Caroline Schlossberg Kennedy and Maria Shriver,as well as Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy announced their support last week.
Clinton has the support of Robert Kennedy Jr. as well as his sister Kerry Kennedy, the children of slain Senator Robert Kennedy. She also released a list of 160 people named Kennedy who had contributed to her campaign, as well as the mayor of Kennedy, California and a former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.
A source said Clinton was also “extremely close” to working out an appearance with members of the punk band The Dead Kennedys.
“Clearly, Hillary has what it takes to out-Kennedy anyone,” said the source. “Hillary knows Kennedys, has worked with Kennedys, Kennedys are friends of hers.”
An Obama representative this week responded by saying he expected an endorsement this week from former MTV VJ Kennedy, AKA Lisa Kennedy Montgomery.
In other news, Clinton appeared at a New York rally on the day after the Giants Super Bowl upset victory and declared "I've always been a Giants fan."


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