Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Other Gaining Big In Key States

With primary season in full swing, voters in several key, early primary states are reacting to the campaigns of the major candidates in both parties by embracing "other" in political polls.
Other surged 16 points in the last two weeks in Iowa, 18 points in New Hampshire, 12 points in Florida, and 20 points in South Carolina.
“Other has substantial momentum,” said pollster Craig Billings of Iowa State University. “We could be looking at an upset in any one of these states.”
A spokesman for Other2008, Philip J. Hickley, said the surge was particularly impressive since Other has no campaign offices or field efforts and has raised no money. “People are looking for alternatives, and that’s what we’re all about,” said Hickley.
Reacting to the news, a spokesman for Democrat Sen. Barak Obama said other’s position on the Iraq war was “hazy and inconsistent,” while the campaign of Republican Mike Huckabee said the American public needed to know more about other’s family values.


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