Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vilsack's Supporter Outraged By Exit

The supporter of former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack said he was outraged that the brief presidential candidate bowed out of the '08 Democratic primary this week.
"We were gaining momentum," said Fred Hornsberg of Jackson, Mississippi. "By the end of the week I have no doubt we would have had double the people on our donnor list, and maybe even as many as three."
Hornsberg had donated $475 to Vilsack's fledgling campaign, bringing the governor's war chest to $520.
"I'm just devastated," said Hornsberg, who met Vilsack at a roadside diner in Iowa one afternoon when Vilsack stopped for coffee and Hornsberg was waiting for assistance from the AAA after his car stalled. "Who do I support now? Who even heard of these other guys."


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