Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dems Agree To Troop Surge, But Via Jet Blue

In a compromise between the Democratic controlled Congress and the White House, the 21,000 additional troops sought by President Bush will go to Iraq, but via the trouble-plagued airline Jet Blue.
The airline, which was forced to cancel dozens of flights, stranding thousands of passengers during Valentine’s Day week, immediately welcomed the news and promised to ferry the troops to Iraq with all due haste.
But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was confident the agreement would be a victory for the anti-war movement. “By the time those flights get off the ground, Bush will be out of office,” Pelosi said Sunday. “In fact, we’ll all be out of office.”
Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan welcomed the news, saying that while spending long periods of time in a plane sitting on the tarmac was annoying, it was far better than duty in Iraq. “You don’t have to worry about bringing the troops home if they never leave home,” said Sheehan.
White House spokesman Tony Snow said the president had full confidence in the plan, saying Jet Blue CEO David Neeleman was doing “a heck of a job.”


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