Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bush's Microsoft Office Study Group To Issue Recommendations

President Bush has announced that he will put off any action on Iraq until after he has reviewed the findings of his Microsoft Office Study Group.
The White House appointed the 6-member committee, comprised mostly of computer consultants, to help the president and his cabinet members make better use of the Microsoft Office system on their desktop computers.
"There's all kinds of stuff on Word I never knew about, like drag and drop editing," the president said at a press conference. "And a good command of Excel makes it much easier to review appropriations and exercise the line-item veto. I can even use Picture It to look at sattelite photos and print them out any size I want."
The chairman of the study groups, Wayne Hammond of the Bethesda-based InterSystems LLC, said he had now thoroughly reviewed the White House's needs and was preparing a PowerPoint presentation for senior staff. "There's no reason to cut and run from Office," said Hammond. "That's a little joke, see."
Bush said he would thoroughly review the report but would not be bound by its findings.


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