Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wikipedia Knows More About You Than You

Every once in a while, Phillip K. Blakely of Gary, Ind., likes to Google his name, to see what information about himself has been posted on the Internet.
"Usually it's just my property records, high school reunion list, stuff like that," said Blakely, 28, a mail room supervisor at a law firm.
But last week Blakely was shocked to see that the third item on his search results page was a link to a full biography of Blakely on Wikipedia, the fast-growing online encyclopedia.
"I didn't submit it," said Blakely. "My wife or parents didn't submit it. And yet they know everything about me."
The entry for Blakely included his accurate birth date, a list of schools he attended from nursery through Ivy Tech Community College in Gary, as well as his wedding date and some rather lurid details about his sex life, which Blakely tried to amend. That portion of the entry now reads "portions of this section are disputed."
Blakely was also intrigued to learn that he was adopted and that his 11th grade girlfriend, Missy Hollander, cheated on him with the captain of the varsity basketball team.


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