Thursday, March 30, 2006

Freed Hostage Jill Carroll Looking Forward To Family, Rest, Reflection, Book Deal

After three months held hostage by Iraqi insurgents, American journalist Jill Carroll says she can't wait to see her family, take a long vacation and spend some time reflecting on her experience. "That and the biggest mother-rocking book deal you ever saw," Carroll told reporters as she left Baghdad. "Oprah's gonna eat this one alive!"
Carroll, a correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, said she spent her time in captivity praying, trying to reason with her captors and "wondering if HarperCollins or Random House will pay a bigger advance."
Carroll added, "Hey I wasn't out there looking to get kidnapped, but since it happened, can't take it back ... what the hell. I get rich, the terrorists get their story told, the publisher cleans up, everybody wins."


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