Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Rent" Showtune Stuck In Calif. Man's Head For Past 8 Months

Philip K. Rothberger of Laguna Beach, California hasn't seen the Broadway show "Rent," nor the film adaption. Nor has he purchased or even listened to the soundtrack.
But Rothberger, 31, a retail sales manager, has been unable to stop humming "Seasons of Love," the production's signature production number since hearing it in a commercial eight months ago. To make matters worse, Rothberger hardly knows any of the lyrics.
"I know its 525,000 something ... something ... something," said Rothberger. "Then they repeat that a few times and its 525,000 something else. It's really aggravating."
Rothberger has tried everything from listening repeatedly to Led Zeplin albums to hypnosis, but is unable to shake the tune, composed by the late Jonathan Larson. I think I've hummed it, well, like 525,000 times. It's a really catchy tune.
Still, Rothberger says he has no interest in seeing the play or movie or buying the soundtrack. "I really don't like musicals so much," he said.


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