Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney To Hunt With Scooter Libby

Vice President Dick Cheney is insisting his wounding of a hunting companion Saturday was an accident. But suspicions were raised this week when Cheney invited his former chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter Libby" to accompany him on a quail-shooting expedition next week.
Libby, who resigned after being indicted for allegedly lying to investigators last year reportedly has told prosecutors his old boss authorized him to leak information to reporters about the identity of a CIA operative -- information that has some Democrats calling for Cheney to resign and could lead to legal proceedings against the veep.
"Shooting this Whittington fellow could just have been an elaborate ruse to set up the alibi that Cheney's a lousy shot," said John J. Jones, a prominent conspiracy-theory blogger. "Then if Libby takes some buckshot to the brain and gets in a coma and can't tesify, people will just be all, like, "That Dick! He ought to give up hunting."
Jones also did not discount the theory that Cheney could be planning future hunting trips as a way of dealing with critics and other enemies. "That New York Times reporter that he called a "big time" "major league asshole," and the senator he told to go $%^& himself, they ought to stay clear of Cheney any time he has his hands on a shotgun," said Jones.
Other Developments
In other developments in the Cheney hunting story, the vice president in an interview to air Wednesday on the Fox News channel, reportedly vowed to have all proper permits in place next time he shoots a lawyer in the face.
He added that when he apologized to Whittington, "he was very Christian about it and turned the other cheek." A witness, however, later said Whittington turned the other cheek not to be gracious but to avoid having it, too, shot. Several others who have hunted with Cheney in the past said they will no longer do so, considering the cancellation a "face-saving measure."


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