Thursday, June 22, 2006

Peter's Interest Rate Up 0.125%

Taking from Peter to pay Paul will cost an extra 0.125 percent after Peter raised the interest rate this week for the first time in recent memory. "Paul's been getting paid up the wazoo," sid Peter. "Me? All I got are debt markers. Tons of them."
By raising the interest rate, Peter said he hoped fewer people would take from him and those who do would repay sooner.
In related news, as of this week those who are penny-wise will now by Euro-foolish.

Stories We're Watching:

*Wife Who Shot Preacher Kicked Off Bake Sale Committee
*Britney Wants Her Virginity Back
*God Switching To G-Mail
*50-Cent Named Director Of Homeboy Security
*Bisexuals Love Appleā€™s New Bi-Pod
*White House Plan Would Create Privatized Daylight Savings Accounts
*Cancer Bestows Lifetime Achievement Award On Tobacco Company
*Honorary Degree A Big Boost To Man's Honorary Career
*Workaholic Goes 90 Days Without Workahol
*Reform School For Vandals Shut Down By High Maintenance Costs
*Homeland Security Dept. Considering Scratch'N Sniff Terror Alerts
*US Troops Discover DMVs in Baghdad
*West Bank Announces More Branches, Better Hours
*Moon Hits Akron, OH, Man's Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie
*Twelve Injured In PC Hard-Drive Crash
*Chasidic Porn Surfer Finds No Google Results Under"Shmutz"

* Month Passes Without New Jude Law Movie
* Halle Berry Offered $12 Million To Not Make "Catwoman 2"
* Network Plans Series Of Events Based On TV Movies
* New Series, "Law and Order: Overkill," Begins Production
* Harrison Ford, 62, To Film "Raiders Of The Pension Fund"


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