Friday, June 23, 2006

Most Americans See Bush As A Quick Wrong-Decision-Maker, Poll Says

Contrasting President Bush with a host of Washington figures viewed as wafflers and flip-floppers, a majority of Americans believe that he is quick, firm and resolute at arriving at his wrong decisions.
"Nearly 90 percent of those polled believe the president has virtually no trouble making up his mind," said Phil Cabrini of the Smith Insitute for Public Research. "They also believe, 72 percent to 26 percent, that he takes the time to listen to both sides of an argument before getting on the wrong side."
Ten thousand Americans in all fifty states were polled about the president's quick mistake-making process over a period of five days. Only eight percent of Americans said they believed the president took too long to screw things up.
When asked about the poll, Sen. John Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat who lost to Bush in 2004, said he needed more time to analyze the data, while Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York said she would release a statement as early as July 1st.


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