Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lieberman To Form His Own Senate

Pushed out if his own party by Democratic primary voters and opposed by the Republicans, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman said he'll form his own Senate if he fails to be elected as an independent in November.
"It's time for new ideas and new directions," Lieberman told an audience at a campaign stop in Norwalk. "If the Democrats, Republicans and independents aren't ready for those ideas and directions, then we'll have to take an even bolder initiative."
That means starting a new Senate, possibly a new House of Representatives and even a new presidency, Lieberman added. "I know that may seem like a problem constitutionally," Lieberman said. "But my new Supreme Court will fix that right up."
Lieberman said he'll begin seeking candidates for the Lieberman legislature on November 9 if he loses his seat in what he called "the old Senate," shortly after swearing himself in as majority leader.
Lieberman, a three-term incumbent who lost the Democratic nomination to novice challenger Ned Lamont, insisted he was not out of step with his constituents for voting with Democrats on most domestic issues while supporting President Bush on the Iraq war and foreign policy.
"I've been a proud Demopublican my whole career," Lieberman said, "although sometimes I've not hesitated to be a Republicrat."


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