Monday, February 26, 2007

Cheney Says Britney’s Career ‘Going Well’

Vice President Dick Cheney, a consistent optimist about U.S. progress in Iraq, said Monday that Britney Spears career “seems to be going well.”
Cheney said reports that the pop star had recently split from her husband, been caught in embarrassing photos, shaved her head, repeatedly entered rehab, and the fact that she has no upcoming album releases or concert dates “are all good signs. It shows that she’s nearing a turning point.”
Cheney’s optimism follows other recent predictions that the insurgency in Iraq is “in its final throes” and that the departure of British troops was “a good sign” because it showed the situation stabilizing.
Also weighing in on Spears this week, on a more pragmatic note, was former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld, who acknowledged that Spears recent career path was troubling, but said the country should deal with “the pop diva you have, not the pop diva you want to have.”


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