Monday, February 26, 2007

Everyone Kid Knows Jumps Off Roof

Sixteen-year-old Billy Anspaugh of Decatur, Georgia was left in a perplexing bind Tuesday as everyone he knows began to jump off a roof.
For two hours, Billy was left to decide whether to follow suit, or blaze his own path and abstain from jumping.
“It was just like my mother asked,” Billy recalled later. “Anytime I said ‘everyone I know goes to rated R movies or everyone I know has a cell phone, she always asked ‘if everyone you know jumped off a roof, would you do it too?”
Because he considered the question rhetorical and too hypothetical to contemplate, Billy never formulated an actual plan of action for the scenario.
“It never occurred to me it could actually happen,” he said.
In the end, Billy opted not to jump, earning high praise from his teachers and parents, all of whom did jump. “You got to hand it to that kid,” said Phil Brownstein, principal of Truman High School in Decatur, as he recovered from his injuries. “He really passed that roof test.”
Billy’s 416 friends, acquaintances and relatives were treated at Decatur Memorial Hospital for a variety of injuries, none of which were listed as life-threatening.


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