Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dems Low-Key At 612th Debate

Democratic candidates refrained from attacking each other, gave mostly one-word answers and showed signs of fatigue at last night’s presidential debate, the 612th of the primary election season.
“Yeah, whatever,” said former Sen. John Edwards when asked if he would campaign for any of the other candidates should they get the nomination.
“If you say so,” said Illinois Barak Obama when asked if his position against the Iraq war showed some signs of inconsistency.
Toward the end of the debate, Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton were seen playing cards.
When asked whom she might select as a running mate, Clinton delayed her answer a few moments while looking at her cards and said “him,” pointing to Obama. “I know we’ve had our differences, but somewhere around debate 526 and 527 I realized a lot of his positions make some sense. Plus he’s really good at gin and spit.”
“Got any twos?” Obama responded.
When asked about his position on gun control, Sen. Joe Biden, awakened by an aide, said, through a yawn, “My position on that hasn’t changed since this morning’s debate. We need better screening and tougher enforcement.”
The only candidate who seemed animated and energetic was Congressman Dennis Kucinich. With four empty cans of Red Bull on his podium, Kucinich at one point shouted that “Stagnant wages, expensive health care and rising education costs are vital issues being ignored by the Congress and White House! My opponents in this race aren’t part of the solution, so they’re part of the problem.”
During time allotted for rebuttal, Biden said “I’m with the short guy on that.”
“Yeah,” said Senator Chris Dodd. “What’s his name has it all right.”
To which Clinton added: “Gin!”


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