Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thousands Absent From Prom Headquarters

Some 4,000 high school prom celebrants have failed to report to Wilkinson Formals on Bay Avenue in Nashua, New Hampshire, despite a sign in the window clearly announcing that it was Prom Headquarters.
"We did have about 15, 16 people come in for tuxes and gowns, but the rest are all AWOL," said owner Bailey Wilkonson, the second generation owner of the shop, who put up the sign as a result of weak prom business over the last 10 years since the opening of Mario's Tuxedoes down the street and the later opening of Risa's Gowns two blocks away.
"When Manny Munson from the sportswear store over on Main put up the sign 'Ammo headquarters' during hunting season, his business went up 40, 50 percent," said Wilkonson.
Buddy Ferris, a senior at Nashua High who was seen getting into a limo on prom night, said he'd never noticed the "headquarters" sign at Wilkonson.
"I was too busy loading up at Beer Headquarters and Condom Central," said Ferris.


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