Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pamela Anderson Ready For Next Divorce

Unlucky-at-love actress Pamela Anderson says she's moved on from her brief but stormy marriage to singer Kid Rock and is ready for her next unsuccessful relationship. A spokesman for Anderson said the former "Baywatch" babe could move on to her next divorce as soon as this spring.
"She's already had the papers drawn up for this break-up and the next one," spokesman Phil Lampone told Us Weekly. "She figures it will save time to do them both at once."
Lampone said Anderson's lawyers had crafted "fill-in-the-blanks" divorce papers for her to sign now and file with California state authorities. This will enable her to look one full relationship ahead to "the a--hole she hooks up with after the a--hole she dumps after she's through with this a--hole."
Anderson's previous marriage was to Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Congressman Did Not Approve Answering Machine Message

Taking campaign rules to an extreme, Rep. Fred Wayne of New Hampshire's 5th district apologized this week after learning that his daughter had recorded a message on the family's answering machine that he did not approve.
"I'm Fred Wayne and I did not approve this message," the congressman told reporters at a press conference in Concord on Thursday. He then played the message in which his 14-year-old daughter Heather sings a version of the 80s Blondie hit "Call Me" followed by instructions for the caller to leave a name and number at the sound of the tone.
"The song contains suggestive lyrics that are out of step with the family values message of my campaign," said Wayne. "I appreciate the wit that Heather was trying to get across, but she failed to have the message properly vetted. She has been duly reprimanded and barred from further use of the answering machine, except to replay incoming messages."
As of Friday, the Wayne family answering machine now plays a version of the 70s ELO hit "Telephone Line," brief instructions on leaving a message, followed by the congressman's voice saying "I'm Fred Wayne and I approved this message."