Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Verdict In Moot Court Prompts Moot Fistfight

Two students at Benjamin J. Cardozo Law School in Manhattan received moot injuries and another was moot arrested after a verdict was handed down in moot court.
The students said they thought the melee would add a touch of realism to the case, which resulted in the moot conviction of a moot embezzler for stealing over $5 million in moot cash.
"I just didn't think it would be realistic to accept the verdict and walk out of the courtoom," said Steven G. Ergenlander, the moot defendant. "Especially after that moot son of a bitch former partner double-crossed me and turned moot turned state's evidence."
After the verdict, Ergenlander lunged from the well of the court into the gallery and moot-attacked fellow student Paul Kreill, the moot star witness. Ergenlander also said he suspected Kreill had a moot affair with Ergenlander's moot wife.
Since there were no moot court officers present to restrain Ergenlander, the fracas went on for nearly 10 minutes before moot cops were called. Kreill and his moot lawyer, Ben Fenley, received moot abrasions and contusions and were taken to NYU Medical Center to be "treated" by medical students in the moot ER.
Ergenlander now faces additional moot charges of assault. His moot trial has not been scheduled. School officials said they were preparing a moot report on moot security following the incident.


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