Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Khadaffy Possibly Even Closer To Maybe Being Out Soon

As Libyan troops stormed into Moumar Khadaffy's compound and took control of Tripoli, sources told us they are pretty sure he'll likely be out of power, possibly, very soon.

"Khadaffy's history," said one rebel leader. "But ... don't hold me to that."

Rebel forces for the last week have been saying the crumble of the tyrannical Khaddafy's 30-year rule as imminent, and are likely to say so tomorrow and the next day.

"We're kind of more confident today that we were yesterday, which was less than the day before but we still have a pretty good feeling about this," said the rebel leader.

Khadaffy's whereabouts have been unknown for about a week and rebel forces have complained that the besieged dictator seems to have a strong aversion to being deposed.

"We've got everything we need for a really fabulous coup," said another rebel leader. "Except for the guy we're taking out. That's kind of important." He then provided an 800 number for tips on Khadaffy's location, with a five oil-barrel reward.

Stories To Watch correspondent Shawn Ferguson, reporting from Benghazi, said people dancing in the streets and firing bullets in the air have been chanting "Today is Khadaffy's last day -- or possibly tomorrow. Next week at the latest."

In a statement, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said "the potential removal of Mouammar Khaddafy, when and if in fact that does happen in the near future, would be a positive step and, in such an eventuality, this administration will hypothetically welcome said developments."

Clinton added that she wasn't at all worried about the prospect of a rogue, oil -rich nation with no government.


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