Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mom Thrilled With New $500 iSolitaire Player

Marcia Kellerman of Ossining, NY, is "just thrilled" about the new gadget her kids gave her last week enabling her to play solitaire just about any place she likes.
The $500 Apple 8-gigabyte iPad with a 9-inch display, one-gigahertz processor, front and back facing 5 megapixel cameras and Wi-Fi was a birthday present from her daughter, Allison, and son, Hayden.

"I can play solitaire on the front porch, the back porch, the kitchen, the den, the living room," said Kellerman, 62. "It works without even being plugged in. And I never have to go looking for a deck of cards."
Kellerman said she was waiting for her grandson Randall to come home from college so he could "explain how to maybe play other games, like bridge or Go Fish."
Kellerman said the gift was the best she had received since the $200 3G equipped 16 gigabyte iPhone, with a two-year voice and data plan from AT&T, which she calls the "pocket clock."
Kellerman's son said he was thinking of getting himself one of the Apple tablet devices, which he called the "Angry Birds Player."


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