Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pointless Jewish Organization Died Six Years Ago, Someone Realizes

The Council of Jewish American Committees and Federations, which was formed for some reason or other during the mid-20th century, quietly blinked out of existence about six years ago, someone noticed the other day.
The COJACAF in its heyday had 12 regional offices, 300 full-time employees, a budget of $6.8 million dollars and 18 executives, and as near as anyone can figure, had something to do with raising money to fund new Jewish organizations.
The organization's demise was discovered by Fred Zebowsky, a lay leader of the Organization of American Jewish Council Chairs who was concerned that his emails and invitations to the annual Max Shindlerheim Memorial Golf Tournament had gone unanswered.
Zebowsky said he immediately phoned the executive chair of OAJCC to discuss his findings, only to find that that organization had closed the previous day.
"People have been warning for years that there's too many Jewish organizations," said Zebowsky. "It was supposed to be addressed this year at the general assembly of the Coalition of American Councils of Jewish Council Chairs in Boca. But the National Jewish Policy Committee didn't put it on the agenda in time."
A requests for comment from the NJPC was referred to the North American Committee of Jewish Organizational Spokesmen, but there was no response at press time.


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