Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New White House Czar To Oversee Work Of Other Czars

In response to criticism that he has overused the czar title in his administration and appointed too many expert overseers, President Barack Obama on Wednesday appointed Rodney J. Fitzpatrick as his czar czar.
"Rodney Fitzpatrick will report directly to me on the problem of too many czars," said the President at a news conference. "I can assure you, if there are too many czars, he is the czar that will find out. At the same time he will be overseeing those czars and presiding over the monthly czars meeting, which will be held at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium."
Obama has appointed more czars than those who ruled Russia before the Soviet Union, with officials in charge of energy, urbanization, information technology, health reform, executive pay and other areas.
A senior White House official said he had no problem with the new czar. "Lord bless and keep the czar--," he said, "-- far from me."


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