Monday, December 22, 2008

Madoff Wins Pulitzer Prize For Fiction

Saying his financial statements were “completely convincing and unflinchingly realistic,” the Pulitzer Prize Committee awarded former Wall Street investment king Bernie Madoff it’s award for fiction this week.
While noting that the prize has traditionally been awarded to novelists since its inception in 1948, committee chairman Roger C. Grimwold said Madoff, who had convinced investors to entrust him with some $50 billion by promising above-average returns, “has pretty much cornered the market on fiction this year. And probably for the rest of the decade.”
Grimwold said that Madoff became a clear favorite of the committee immediately after his arrest for securities fraud on December 11, but that some members began to lean toward Illimois Governor Rod Blagojevich after a press conference six days later in which he said “I am not guilty of criminal wrongdoing É I am absolutely certain I’ll be vindicated. My most powerful ally is the truth.”


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