Tuesday, August 12, 2008

McCain Mispronounces Own Name

A day after mangling the name of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvilli, Sen. John McCain caused concern among supporters by tripping over his own monicker .
“I can assure you that if this crisis occurred during a McClain, er, McShane ... uh, McCain administration, there would be no doubt where we stand,” McCain told reporters as he boarded his campaign jet. “I’d have Nicholas Skarzosy and Angelica Mertell on the phone within 15 minutes, as well as Tony Blair, forming a united front against Valdamort Pushkin.”
When asked about the newest gaffes on the pronunciation of several world leaders, campaign aides noted that he had properly cited Blair’s name, notwithstanding the fact that Blair has not been the prime minister of Great Britain since June.
But a McCain spokesman, Wes Farrel, was quick to minimize the gaffes, saying “What matters most is that John McCain is ready and able to step in and fill the shoes of President George W. Bush.”


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