Wednesday, August 27, 2008

General Tso Killed By His Own Troops

After years of boosting the morale of Chinese soldiers through his world-renowned chicken recipe, General Tso apparently was fragged by his own men in an incident of unknown origin.
General Tso, who's first name was not known, may have sown some discord in the ranks by incessantly working to perfect his chicken recipe, creating boneless chunks of chicken breast with a light, slightly crispy batter. Meanwhile, other military duties were left to his peers and underlings.
"General Tso may have learned, the hard way, that you're in the military to protect your country, not to spend long hours in the field mess working on a sauce that's spicy but not too pungent," said James Chin, an expert on Chinese affairs at the Brookings Institute. "His men, though thoroughly satiated by his delectable creations, may have simply run out of patience."


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