Thursday, December 13, 2007

Secret Memo: Bush To Devote Final Year To Search For A Clue

President George W. Bush will devote the final year of his administration to finding some clue about how to run a country, according to an internal White House memo leaked to the media.
“This would be a really good time to come up with some kind of inkling about how to do the nation's business in a responsible and effective way,” read the memo, believed to have been written by Joshua Bolten, the president’s chief of staff. “Let 2008 be known as The Year We Get A Clue.”
The memo continued, “we know the critics and cynics and other kinds of Democrats are out there saying it can’t be done, they’ll leave the White House just as clueless as they went in. But just as we have in the past, we’ll upset expectations.”
When asked about the memo, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said, perhaps with tongue in cheek, “I haven’t a clue as to who might have written that memo.” But she declined to say it was inauthentic. “It’s well-known that the president has always been determined to optimize his performance and better appeal to the 70 percent of the country who don’t realize what a good job he is doing.”


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