Monday, June 26, 2006

New Ann Coulter Book To Slam Handicapped, Homeless, Poor and Elderly

Encouraged by soaring sales of her new book attacking 9-11 widows, among others, conservative commentator Ann Coulter is shopping around a new mansucript that takes on the handicapped, homeless, poor and elderly as "needless drains on society," a publishing source said today.
Coulter, who has refused to apologize for her comments calling the widows "self-obsessed" and "witches" who "celebrated" their husbands' deaths, is toying with the title "Wastoids" for her new book.
"This could mean a new low in exploitation of low-hanging fruit for a quick profit," the publishing source said.
In other news, the Dixie Chicks, now embracing their role as ditty-singing political activists, have announced that they're contemplating a run for Senate in Texas next year, while Larry the Cable Guy has formed a presidential exploratory committee, sources report.


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