Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bush Names Kanye West Secretary Of Black-People-Caring

WASHINGTON -- Trying to boost his dismal approval ratings, President George W. Bush tried to win over a major critic by asking hip-hop artist Kanye West to be his "secretary of black people caring."
The newly conceived position's duties are initially unclear, but Bush acknowleged he had picked West for the position because of his statement during a nationally broadcase telethon for Hurricane Katrina victims that "President Bush doesn't care about black people." A majority of those displaced, injured, killed or otherwise disregarded during the catastrophe, one of America's worst, were or are African American.
"We can do better," Bush said in an open address to West during a press conference. "And bringing Mr. West into the process is part of my overall philosophy of bringing my critics into the process. It's what I call the big tent."
When reminded that numerous residents of Louisiani and Mississippi were still living in actual tents, the president said "I know that. I know that."
No word on whether West will accept the position. A spokesman said he was busy preparing for a performance in Chicago and had no comment.
Later in the day, Bush asked Cindy Sheehan to be his Secretary of Not Ignoring The War Toll.


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