Saturday, September 24, 2005

Clinton World Conference Foiled By Sister Souljah

The launching conference of the Bill Clinton World Initiative in New York came to an abrupt halt this week when the former president's old nemesis, Sister Souljah, showed up to repay a debt.
"Don't think I forgot about how you dissed me all those years ago, Bill Clinton," shouted the former rap singer, whose career was damaged in the early 90s when Clinton, then a candidate, denounced her in a speech for using violent lyrics.
Sister Souljah, who had been seated quietly in the back of a session on alternative fuel resources, suddenly began heckling Clinton and several other world leaders, then proceeded to perform a new version of an old song in which the name Clinton was substituted for the word "police."
When it was over, the former president, clearly perturbed, tried to be polite as he told the singer "that was a long time ago, and you really should move on and try to be a happy person."
That seemed to infuriate Sister Souljah even more. "OH, no you DIDN'T just give me lifestyle advice Bill Clinton!" she shouted, waving a finger in disbelief. "It's ON now!" She then launched into a previously unheard invective-filled rap song until security guards moved in and escorted her from the room.
The conference then proceeded uninterrupted for half an hour before Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky snuck in, causing a similar disruption, and Clinton was taken from the scene by Secret Service agents.

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