Saturday, March 05, 2005

United Nations Relief Agencies Set Timetable For Squandering Tsunami Aid

Meeting in Geneva this week, officials of the United Nations agreed on a timetable for squandering billions raised from the international community on behalf of victims of the Dec. 26 tsunami disaster in Asia. If all goes according to plan, the money can be squandered as soon as next month.
The funds to be wasted are currently in the hands of the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization, the United Nations Human Rights Committee, the World Health Organization and the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.
The funds are earmarked for projects to redevelop areas of Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India that were hardest hit by the tsunamis, and to provide long-term relief, counseling and employment opportunities.
But a UN spokesman, Jorg Koesten, said the money was likely to be diverted to the slush funds of third world dictators, while some would pay for the stockpiling of perishable goods and to buy office furniture, computers and supplies at UN offices around the world. Koesten said the operation would be modeled after last year’s highly successful Iraqi Oil For Food squandering.


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