Saturday, March 05, 2005

Retailer Proud Of Making An Initial For Himself

After 25 years in retail, the owner of the H and B Hardware chain says he's proud that his initial has become associated with quality merchandise.
"If we didn't offer the best merchandise at the best prices, and stand behind our service, I would be ashamed to have my initial on the sign above every store," H said in a statement last week. "When my father, H, opened his first store, he told me right from the beginning -- always stand behind your reputation. In the end, the only thing a man has is his good initial."
The co-owner, B, is believed to have recently died.
H said he hoped to soon pass the mantle to his son, H, to run the business, but that H may have other plans. "He seems to want to go out and make an initial for himself in some other field," said H .


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