Saturday, March 05, 2005

‘Mace Windu' Pepper Spray Among “Star Wars” Tie-Ins Rejected By George Lucas

As he begins to market his sixth and final “Star Wars” film, creator and producer George Lucas has given the go-ahead for thousands of product tie-ins, from toothbrushes and apparel to games, toys and books.
But not every product has been given the go-ahead. Sources have leaked several proposed tie-ins that were rejected by the merchandising moguls. They include:
* Jar-Jar Binks Urinal Cakes
* Chocolate-Chip Wookies
* “Jedi Nights” Condoms
* OB-Wan Early Pregnancy Test
* Betty Crocker Princess Seven-Leia Cake Mix
* Mace Windu Self-Defense Pepper Spray
* “Chew-bacco” Chewing Tobacco
* Lando-Lakes Margarine


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